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Top 10 Door Styles

When considering which door type to use the style, wood used and finish, whether painted or stained, can make a big impact on the appearence of the propery or the view from with in. Relax, here's our top ten breakdown of standard styles to choose.

Door style infographic
  • 1. Full Glass. This mordern design door allows lots of light through its large glass panel. Idealy suited to a view out over a garden.
  • 2. 2XGG. A classic design allowing lot of light through it double glass panels. The door receives add strenth from its middle rail.
  • 3. Four Glazed Panels. Period styling on this door allows ample light through its four glazed panels
  • 4. 2XG. A classic design allowing in light and providing some privacy to the lower portion of the door via a single raised and field panel.
  • 5. 2XG with a Double Panel. Period styling allowing light and some privacy with a lower muntin and two raised and field panels.
  • 6. Half Glazed Six Panel. Georgian style door allowing in light through the upper four glazed panels.
  • 7. Full T and G. Traditionally designed secure door, with either a single skin of T&G or a double skin of T&G with a thermal layer between to increase heat retention.
  • 8. Two Panel T and G. Secure tongue and groove board construction with the added strength of a middle lock rail.
  • 9. Four Panel. Classic Victorian door with four solid raised and field panels.
  • 10. Six Panel. Georgian styled door with six solid raised and field panels.